The use of CCTV cameras has become quite common these days, as more and more people are prioritizing security. The recordings can be used for detecting any wrongdoing, or criminal activity, but it is also a given that people will be worried about privacy. While most CCTV cameras are used for recording videos, many people also want to use them for recording audios. But, before you can that do that, it is important for you to ask one question; is it legal to record audio on CCTV in the UK?

You have to take note that there are some situations where audio CCTV can prove to be immensely useful. The risks to personal privacy are outweighed by the safety of workers and protection of the public. This is applicable for cab, or bus drivers, where a panic button can be used for activating audio recording. Likewise, there are also workplaces where audio CCTV is vital for ensuring the safety of the workers and they are aware of it.

For instance, audio CCTVs are often used in places like call centers for the purpose of training. But, employees have to be informed about when and why they are being recorded, along with who will have access to it. Otherwise, it is illegal to record audio on CCTV in the UK without informing people and you have to have a good reason for doing so.

Since recording audio is considered a lot more privacy intrusive than capturing images, businesses should ensure that they are following the guidance of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This ensures that their policies and processes remain updated and they are comprehensively followed. Workplaces need to have a clear and justifiable reason for recording audio on CCTVs, or else they will not be permitted to do so. In addition, the employees need to be informed and should be aware that both audio and video is being recorded.